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Lepus was founded in 1997 to provide Research, Consulting and Marketing Services to the Finance Industry. Concentrating mainly on Investment Banking, Lepus also offers services in the Retail, Insurance, Asset Management, Corporate and Hedge Fund sectors.  Lepus’ success is founded on its ability to provide its clients with a service which is expressly geared to their individual requirements.  These services include:


  • Monthly Research Report – You receive the report every month showing your topic (if requested) along with the topics requested by other subscribers. Depending on your level of subscription you can request three, six or 12 topics a year. When you request a topic, Lepus interviews various players in the market to produce your section of the report. This is a yearly subscription and is available in both Technology and Risk Versions. It can be distributed globally within your organisation
  • Peer Review Report – This is an in-depth bespoke report focusing on the requirements of Peer Banks specified by yourself. It is often used when determining a new strategy, when you move to a new job/area, and to look at the implication of various levels of regulatory requirements.
  • Client Research – This report focuses on the requirements of your clients. The first stage is normally web based and then face to face interviews can be used if needed to flush out any areas that need more detail.


  • System Selection – Lepus can undertake system selections in a number of different areas and our unique approach means that all relevant existing and new vendors are considered. By using a modular framework we only undertake the steps that are needed. We do not do implementation so we only choose what is best for you.
  • Due Diligence – This can be undertaken standalone (if you have done the system selection yourself) or in conjunction with our system selection service above. We speak to all of the clients of the vendor (not just the ones the vendor gives you), to people who selected an alternate system to yourself, and to people who used to work at the vendor. From this Lepus can give you the pro’s and con’s of the system enabling you to determine if you still want to go forward with your selection.
  • Advisory Consulting – Our consultants have 15 to 20 years+ experience in financial institutions and are available to advise and mentor your people as well as carry out program management work. Areas we have covered recently include:
    • Collateral
    • Market Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Credit Risk
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Model Validation
    • Risk IT Strategy
    • Trading IT Strategy

Work can be carried out on a fixed price project or daily rate basis.

To receive  more information please send your name, job title, address and phone number to marketing@lepus.com

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