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The Lepus System Selection Methodology

System Selection is a research project product offered by Lepus. The aim of the project is to liaise with the client to develop both a short form and a long form Request for Proposal. Lepus will research the vendor market place to determine the most relevant vendors for a client’s needs and facilitate the contact and management of the vendors in the RFP stages.

 In essence System Selection comprises of the following parts:

  • Produce the short form document of 6-8 essential requirements based on an understanding of the outlook of the business and what the bank is and is not prepared to compromise on.
  • Produce a long list of relevant vendors to send the short form document to.
  • Filter the long list of vendors based on responses to the initial essential requirements document to produce a short list of vendors to be interrogated further.
  • Produce a long functional requirements document based on an understanding of the banks requirements and distribute that to the shortlist.
  • Make a vendor recommendation based on responses to the long functional requirements document.
  • Throughout this process the client’s name will not be mentioned to any vendor. Only when the client has reviewed the final recommendations document will Lepus introduce the vendor(s) to the client.

Lepus System Selection is a research and investigative project looking at evaluating the vendor marketplace based on requirements determined by the client. Lepus does not provide a vendor score card methodology. The final recommendations document is a qualitative assessment rather than a quantitative one. Lepus research also does not provide system integration expertise or recommendations.

Benefits of this service include the following:

  • A vendor search can be conducted without a client’s name getting into the marketplace thus avoiding being besieged by sales people.
  • A client can benefit from Lepus’ proven research skills and experience in the marketplace to search for the most relevant third party provider to match their needs.
  • Hours of in-house work can be avoided by allowing Lepus to search and investigate the marketplace
  • A client will only have to deal with the final two or three vendors which made the final report and which most match you IT and business needs.

To receive more information about these reports, please send your name, job title, address and phone number to marketing@lepus.com.